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Wildlife and Deliberate Biodiversity

Wildlife doesn’t cease to exist just because our farm is in the city.  In addition to the wildlife, we are deliberately creating city ecosystems and getting rid of the large grassy lawn.  The diversity of life forms varies depending on the properties we maintain.  This is a beautiful video I’m sharing from the Tennessee Wildlife Program.  Their action plan can be accessed by clicking here.

Even though we are setting up our ecosystem on a very small scale, we believe it’s important to take care of wildlife even if you live in the city.   The following topics are what we are working on right now, or have observed in the past years (since 2012) or have already implemented.


Our Little Homestead

None on our property, but Tennessee Valley Authority has woodlands at the bottom of our back yard hill.  It makes a great buffer between our property and the street.

Trees located on this property include:

  • Cedar – 2 in the front yard
  • Dogwoods – 2 in the front yard
  • Maples – 1 in the front yard and 1 in the back yard
  • Unknown – Tree at bottom of hill in the back yard is an unknown species.
  • Plum
  • Hazelnut

Secret Haven

This property has two wooded zones.  We will update this section in spring of 2018.  We are still cleaning up the Secret Haven property and identifying the trees.


Our Little Homestead

Koi Pond: In the planning stages.
Stream nearby: Located on TVA property at the bottom of the hill.

Secret Haven

This property has two man-made koi ponds.


  • Hummingbirds – feeders, flowers and honeysuckle on property that attract the birds.
  • Mockingbirds – Yearly nest building on and/or near property.
  • Black bear.  Yes it’s true!  It walked right through our back yard at Our Little Homestead in Clinton, TN. (See below.)
  • Deer – come up from the TVA woodlands at Our Little Homestead.  We haven’t seen any at Secret Haven yet.
  • Groundhogs – come up from the TVA woodlands.
  • Bees – wild bees visit our gardens at Our Little Homestead, and also Secret Haven.  We have honeybees at Secret Haven.
  • Small creature dwellings: Logs, branches and other natural objects placed in the yard to provide a habitat for insects, frogs, toads, lizards and other small creatures.  We have seen praying mantis and we didn’t introduce them to the property.  They just showed up on their own.
  • Several bird species.
Black bear in Clinton, Tennessee

Photo of black bear was taken by the staff of