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Secret Haven


5915 Wade Lane, Knoxville, TN

Production Size:

Approx. _______ square feet being gardened.  (TBD – We are currently setting up the beds but have not measured them.)

Length of Management:

Began: Dec 2017
Garden bed set up began:

  • Orchards between 3 and 8 years ago.
  • Vineyard: unknown but records go back to 2015.
  • Berries: unknown
  • Asparagus patch: unknown

Fertilizers Used:

  • Prior to December 2017, it is unknown how this property was managed.
  • We are currently using:
    • Rabbit manure
    • Chicken manure
    • Mixed grass
    • Leaves
    • Chop and drop orchard, vineyard, weeds clippings
    • Wood chips
  • We plan to use:
    • Vermicompost
    • Veggie scraps compost
    • Cover crops
    • Bokashi

Raw Manure Added:

None that we are aware of.  We are only using cold manures on this property, and then covering the ground with a think layer of wood chips.

2016 manure practices:

Unknown.  We took over the property in December, 2017 and as we can learn more about the orchards, we will update our site.

Other Soil Amendments:

We are building the garden beds and will update the soil ingredients later.  The 2018 market garden will be planted on top of the wood chips, in raised beds.  We will continue to garden like this until the wood chips have decomposed and sunk into the ground.

Pesticides Used:

Unknown if previous owner used pesticides.  We do not use pesticides.

Tillage Practices:

No till method.

Soil Compaction Prevention:

We are currently adding wood chips to cover the entire garden area.  The property turns to mud during rain so it all has to be covered.

Erosion Control:

  • Wood chips keep the ground covered.
  • Fruit trees planted all the way down the slope.
  • Wooded area next to the gardens will not be removed.