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Affordable Nutrition

In short, we want affordable nutrition because it is hard to find, and when you do find it, it’s expensive.

Our long term vision is to create a community hub where customers can pick herbs, vegetables and fruit if they want to.  We understand people are busy, and the majority of our customers will just want a box of fresh produce handed to them, and that’s okay too!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a community supported agriculture (CSA) subscription where you don’t get all of your produce at once, one day a week?  What if you run out of herbs in the middle of the week?  What if you want produce throughout the week? What if you have no desire to learn about kohlrabi? What if you have company coming and you need extra carrots? No problem!

We are working on a CSA model that allows our subscribers to “shop” Monday through Friday and select whatever produce they enjoy.