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Water Management


We are currently purchasing bottled water for our drinking supply.  We plan to add a filtration system in the future.  Both sources (Our Little Homestead and Secret Haven) have a lot of chlorine to the water and we have to leave it out, uncovered, in order for the chlorine to evaporate out.

City of Clinton water test

The water test was conducted by Aquaclear in Knoxville, TN.


Our produce washing water is sourced by the municipal system.  At Our Little Homestead, it sourced through Clinton Utilities Board (CUB).  At Secret Haven, it is sourced through Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB).

KUB water has not been tested yet.  Both water sources have a strong bleach smell.  CUB water is worse.


Sourced by municipal system.  See also our Food Safety practices.



Filtered municipal water.


Filtered municipal water.

Field Crops

Rain water.  We require a reduced amount of water usage because we have deeply mulched garden beds.


We do not currently have a grey water system set up, but will plan for it in 2018.  The first phase will be to manage the washing station area so the run off goes into a gravel bog that is planted with wetland filtering type plants.


By law, our black water has to be connected to the municipal system.  We do not have plans for any other system.  We also have no plans to get involved with humanure.  Ideally, we would like an outhouse on the other side of the garden.  It will have a composting toilet, hand washing station and will incinerate waste.


Ponds are topped off with rain water.  We are planning a gravel bog filtering system for both ponds.   Ram pumps will be used to get the pond water to the bogs.  This way, energy is not being wasted on electric pumps.